No, NC Republicans can’t get along

The News & Observer‘s John Frank has a piece out today that asks the question: Can NC Republicans get along?

The answer is no. And here’s the deleted tweet that proves the internal fighting among NC GOP leaders:

myncsenatetweetThis tweet came on Friday from @MyNCSenate, the official Twitter of the NC Senate Republican Conference. It was, predictably, quickly deleted.

It doesn’t seem like a tweet that should be coming from that account. It doesn’t even make sense if you consider it in a professional context. But it makes a lot of sense (the gavel, the anti-protester tone) when you realize this tweet was meant for a parody Twitter account mocking Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis.

In fact, @McCronyism is a parody Twitter account of Governor McCrory. And as we know from parody Twitters @GovBevPerdue and @ElevatorQueen, parody Twitter accounts of North Carolina officials love to interact.

That makes it pretty clear this tweet was meant for the now-deleted parody Thom Tillis account @thomthespeaker. This account had interacted with @McCronyism before:

It’s awfully suspicious that @thomthespeaker vanished mere minutes after the above tweet itself vanished, but what’s even more suspicious is that NC Senate Republicans even deleted @MyNCSenate soon after this tweet appeared and disappeared.

I tweeted about this occurrence on Friday, and it didn’t take long for Twitter to piece what happened together:

Yes, that’s right: Berger’s office is running a parody Twitter account of Thom Tillis that took shots at both Tillis and Governor McCrory — and they’re doing it on the taxpayer dime.

So, no, North Carolina Republicans can’t get along. They’ve resorted to mocking each other on Twitter in their infighting. They’re certainly not leading our state.

And if we didn’t already assume that Phil Berger was running for U.S. Senate against Thom Tillis, we can probably go ahead and conclude that with his staff running a Twitter mocking Tillis, he’s gearing up for that primary campaign against him.

North Carolina Republicans are spending their time advancing their own political careers, not serving the people of North Carolina. Our state deserves actual leadership, not petty politics.

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